POEsitive Feedback

From Teachers

Ravenscroft School first grade teacher sent Poe Center a letter regarding their February 2013 trip: 

“My first grade class had such a wonderful time learning with you today.  The students arrived back at school and were all a buzz with excitement over their new knowledge.  Thank you for making this field trip a rewarding and memorable experience for my students.  The brain station was certainly a stand out in my students’ eyes.  They were certainly caught by surprise when trying to react quick enough to catch a ball that came shooting out at them!  As a teacher, I appreciate you making this learning interactive and hands-on.  The life-size models and Mr. Big Mouth were able to provide reinforcement of the information you were telling them.  You have certainly made an impact on the lives of young learners.  Thank you, again, for a terrific day.  I look forward to seeing you again next year!”

Oak Grove Elementary fifth grade teacher commented on their January 2013 trip to the Poe Center: 

“Poe Center Never disappoints! Always exactly what kids need and are interested in. Thank you!”

Banks Road Elementary first grade teacher commented on their February 2011 trip to the Poe Center: 

“The first grade students at Banks Road Elementary School attended the Poe Center for the first time recently. The overall experience was awesome… from the moment we arrived, to the moment that we left! The ‘Healthy Habits’ and ‘Dental Health’ programs were both informative, interactive, and motivating for the students, and aligned perfectly with the NCSCOS! Due to the weather we weren’t able to picnic outside, but the staff was very accommodating and allowed us to picnic inside. Thankfully the skies cleared and we were able to take the kids out to the PlayWell Park, which was incredible! Thank you again and again for the great programs that you provided! We will be back next year!”

From Other Organizations

Feedback received from Passage Home Youth Services Coordinator,

“On behalf of Passage Home I’d like to say thank you for two really super AWESOME field trips! Our youth as well as the staff really had a great time. When our teens came last week they set two new Poe Center records: the first group to arrange, in order, the healthy food puzzle game and our time on the exercise bike set a new record (45 sec). That says a lot; to be able to keep the attention of all our youth is great. So again I want to say thanks. Please tell everyone

From Parents

From a mother who attended Girl Talk with her daughter:
I had to send a quick note to say thank you and that I love you. My daughter started her menstrual cycle today at school. She and I had been through the drill 100s of times. The session at the Poe Center was the icing on the cake as it provided some “real life practice” of putting on the pad. I remember how much fun she said she had. Little did she know that she was learning all at the same time. As a fellow Health Educator I know the importance of practice, practice, practice. I had prepared a cute inconspicuous feminine bag for her with 2 pair of new panties, wipes, pads, and disposable bag (like for diapers) when in 5th grade. Every so often we would take it out, upgrade the panty sizes and talk through the drill.

My daughter was poised, confident and in complete control when it started at school this morning. She was so funny, when she called the only question that she had was what I wanted her to do with bag that her dirty panties…#really. I guess I did leave that part out.

Well, I just wanted to write to say thank you and the team at the Poe Center for helping to empower my daughter to understand her ever changing body. To embrace the changes and not be fearful of them because as we know our daughters are beautifully and wonderfully made. Please share my appreciation with your team!!

The other night at dinner my 6-year-old said unprompted,

“Mommy, cake is not healthy.”
I looked up from my plate in bemused alarm; did my husband and I finally get through to her, or was she running a fever? Something was surely amiss. Before I could ask, she continued,
“It has a lot of sugar in it.”
Now composed and ready to probe, I replied that was true and inquired where she learned such important information (beyond the 700 or so times we have reminded her of the very same idea only to be placated with vigorous nodding and then conveniently ignored the next time a prized treat was within her reach). She replied,  
“At Poe.”
Ahhhh, this was starting to make sense. A friend (and former colleague) of mine had texted me earlier in the day when she ran into Ally and posed for the enclosed picture during a field trip to the Poe Center. If you are not familiar with the organization, The mission of the Poe Center for Health Education is to educate and empower North Carolina children, youth and their families to make choices that increase positive health behaviors. Well, if what my daughter picked up on her morning adventure there is any indication, they are doing their jobs admirably! Ally went on with her newfound penchant for preaching the benefits of healthy eating, citing that vegetable oil was healthy to cook with; one should not use butter or salt on corn; no butter should be used on popcorn; 100 percent apple juice was a good choice, but anything less was just sugar water; fruits and vegetables were healthy; bagels were ok, but with not too much cream cheese; and brown bread was better than white bread. Very informative, though the best part was yet to come. After finishing her dinner, she asked,

“Mommy, can we have grapes for dessert?”

We sure can. Thanks, Poe Center for the third-party credibility that every PR professional (and parent) can appreciate! (submitted by Barrie Hancock)

From a participant who attended our Drugs Uncovered program:
The workshop was very informative. I did not realize I was so out of touch. This workshop really opened my eyes. I now know signs to look for and listen for. I left the workshop with confidence that I was equipped with information to have an informative conversation with my teenager about drugs.

A parent visiting the Poe Center expressed her appreciation for the healthy lifestyle education her two daughters had received at the Poe Center over the past couple of years. She shared that at dinner one night they were having a discussion about serving size. When a small debate started, her younger daughter (6 years) supported her argument with this remark:

“Don’t tell me, I went to Poe Camp.”

After attending summer camp, my son Spencer has become very conscientious about making sure he gets 60 minutes of exercise each day. He has been putting all of his foods into “GO” and “SLOW” categories. He wants to eat healthier and exercise more. Also, he is talking about his teeth, and he is obviously trying to take better care of them. He lost his first tooth this week and wants me to save it in a bag to bring to the Poe Center and show the other students who come to the Poe Center the crown of the tooth (on a real tooth).

When I got home from work my twins were so excited to tell me about their special visitor at school that day. Sheriff Tuffy Tooth told them all about how important it was to brush their teeth twice a day and floss once a day. They got a “Jiggle Wiggle” Tooth Brushing Chart and couldn’t wait to eat dinner so they could brush their teeth and circle the moon. They got up the next morning and brushed their teeth first thing so they could circle the sun. This chart was great! Not only were they excited about brushing their teeth but it also helped them learn the days of the week! Sheriff Tuffy Tooth definitely made an impression on my two children. Thank you!

From Our School Partners

In response to Wholesome Routines activities the teachers at Benhaven Elementary school set up a little competition to see which class scores the best on physical activity measurements from the beginning to the end of year. Most of the teachers volunteered to participate in Wholesome Routines (and the competition) with their students. These teachers have committed to betting their own health, while serving as great role models for their students.

From Our Educators

At Rolesville Elementary School, where we have a year-long coordinated school health program, we provide a kick-off event. During the event, the students are involved in a number of health related games and competitions. As reward for their efforts, they receive small, plastic, 20 cent medallions to wear around their necks. Two months into the school year, one of the Poe Educators was at Rolesville to present a program. When she arrived, a kindergartener who remembered this educator from the kick-off event ran up to her and explained he had been doing the “Exercise Is Good For Me” activity almost everyday since the kick-off event. As they talked, the Educator noticed that he was still wearing the little plastic medallion he had received two months earlier at the kick-off event.


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