Elizabeth Beach-Carlston

Elizabeth Beach-Carlston, MS Health Education
Health Educator

Elizabeth Beach-Carlston has worked as a Health Educator for the Poe Center since October 2008. She primarily teaches in the Drug Prevention Education Theater and the Family Life Theater and can sometimes be found teaching in the Nutrition and General Health Theaters. While her passion for working with children is what lead her to the Poe Center, she also enjoys other aspects of curriculum planning and development. She has published research in the Pan American Journal of Public Health about South American teenagers and their behaviors regarding drugs and alcohol.

Having studied Health Education Theory in both her undergraduate and graduate programs, Elizabeth has extensive knowledge of the theoretical constructs of program planning, implementation and evaluation. She has used that knowledge as a Program Manager in the non-profit sector to implement family based prevention and rehabilitation programming.

In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and three dogs.

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