Terri Moore

Terri Moore, MEd
Health Educator

Terri Moore joined the staff at the Alice Aycock Poe Center for Health Education in August 2008. She worked as a Health Educator until January 2010 when she took over the responsibility of Senior Program Manager. In this role she is able to use her knowledge of reproductive health and safety, substance abuse and prevention, and communication skills to develop, implement, evaluate and oversee programming at the Poe Center. She has managed the Family Life and Drug Prevention theaters, as well as the Drugs Uncovered: What Parents Need to Know program. Drugs Uncovered is the Poe Centers premiere adult drug, alcohol and tobacco awareness program. Terri has recently changed her position at the Poe Center to work as a Health Educator specializing in teaching the Parents Matter! and TOP programs.

With experience in educational settings including for-profit and non-profit organizations, Terri has been able to implement needs assessment to adapt programming to diverse audiences. Throughout her career, Terri has acquired extensive curriculum development expertise in programming from elementary age through adult training and development curricula. She enjoys her work at the Poe Center because it offers a lot of variety, both with audiences and projects.

Along with her passion for education, Terri is also a volunteer Guardian ad litem with the Wake County Courts, where she is able to be a voice for children who are in foster care due to abuse and/or neglect.

Terri lives in Raleigh with her husband Cliff and their son Quinn. Many evenings, you will find her at the local baseball field watching her son play, and her husband coach. Her mother, Pat Ely, is also a health educator at the Poe Center and Terri benefits from being able to collaborate and work with her. In her leisure time, Terri looks for ways to express her creativity in painting, drawing, and entertaining.

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