Resources during Coronavirus (COVID-19) Emergency

Hopefully, your family has the flexibility to shelter at home during this emergency and practice physical distancing. Thank you! That’s the responsible thing to do! But it’s not easy.

The Poe Center is here to help. We have compiled a list of our best educational, fun, and useful resources along with local and state-wide information to help you stay active, healthy – and sane – during this unprecedented time.

Keep Calm, and Poe on!

This information is current as of 5/21/2020 and will be updated as needed. Information is subject to change as the current states-of-emergency develops. 


Access to Food:

Access to the Internet:

Poe’s Educational Resources:

Looking for resources to continue health education at home? Try these resources courtesy of the Poe Center:

  • Curriculum Pathways Lessons – Integrate Poe’s creative health lessons into your home activities.
  • Poe’s Online Exhibits: Visit one of Poe’s beautifully designed online exhibits. Each website features dozens of informative hotspots covering a wide range of health-science topics, including kitchen safety and skills, gardening education, medicine safety, and health history. 
  • Poe’s Classroom Calendar: Poe’s yearly Nutrition and Physical Activity Calendar is full of healthy eating and active lifestyle tips, activities, games, recipes, and more.
  • Health Education Mini-Lessons: Health class is still in. Poe’s expert health educators present short video lessons on mental health, nutrition, gardening, physical activity, and cooking.

Resources, Blogs & Related Articles


Physical Activity:


  • Family-Friendly Recipes: Have fun with your kids in the kitchen using recipes that Poe uses in our cooking programs.
  • For the Love of Vegetables: Cooking at home? Now’s a great time to explore new veggies, fresh or canned.
  • Food Safety During COVID-19: 9 Tips for Handling Food Safely: Wondering how to safely grocery shop, prepare food, and eat during the Coronavirus Emergency? Learn more in this helpful post.
  • Dr. Yum: Cook with what you have at home using this handy tool. Select the ingredients you already have and follow the recipe.
  • ChopChop Kids Club Newsletter – Subscribers receive ChopChop cooking magazine’s latest and greatest range of resources, including a selection of pantry-based recipes, engaging and educational activities and games, and relevant step-by-step cooking skills to practice and master.
  • Seasoned Magazine Newsletter – Every two weeks, subscribers get a new set of recipes, activities, and exercises with a focus on foods that are pantry-staples. With everyone eating at home, now is the perfect time to share step-by-step cooking skills aimed at adults.

Substance Use Prevention:


  • Wrap up your Stress: Originally written for the holiday season, this blog entry is full of tips to manage stressful situations.
  • Outdoor Learning & Activities: Check out these activity guides from Green Schoolyards America to engage in outdoor learning, play and other activities.
  • Free resources from El Centro Hispano to help the community during Coronavirus.
  • Why Playgrounds Are So Important and Why You Should Avoid Them Now: From our friends at Kaboom, an explanation of why our PlayWELL Park and other parks are closed temporarily.
  • Youth and Social Media Webinar: A resource for parents. Learn about current research on adolescent brain development and teen risk perception. This webinar will explore how a risk perception impacts a teen’s engagement with social media and Internet security.
  • Sign up for PBS KIDS Daily Newsletter for activities and tips you can use to help kids learn at home.
  • Mask information, DIY Mask instructions, and more from the CDC
  • The HIVE: Learn more about the wonderful world of bees and how important they are to our planet. Our friends at Bee Downtown have created a free virtual platform called THE HIVE which is full of activities for kids like coloring pages of hive designs, arts and crafts, honey themed recipes for family baking sessions, virtual hive tours and beekeeping lessons, and so much more.

#PoeFit Tweet Database

Did you know you can search a database of #PoeFit tweets for anything related to healthy eating, active lifestyles, and gardening! Try searching our #PoeFit Database for these terms: “at home” “easy” “quick” “snack” “game” “indoors” “stay active” “moving” “move.”

Check out our main Twitter account for #PoePrevention Tweets too. Our Substance Use Prevention educators publish a weekly series that deals with mental health, mindfulness, deep breathing exercises, protective factors, and more.

Mental Health Resources:

How You Can Help

  • Donate to the Poe Center – As a leader in health education, illness prevention has been a core message in the Poe Center’s programs since our inception in 1991. We’ve taught thousands of children and families the value of proper handwashing and how to bust germs.  Although our doors are currently closed, staff are working hard to create online programs so we may continue to deliver these important and timely messages to classrooms around the state remotely.  Please consider a donation to the Poe Center at this time so that we may continue to educate NC families on how to keep themselves healthy during this national crisis.
  • Activate Good has a list of ways you can volunteer to support Triangle organizations during the COVD-19 crisis.
  • A guide to support local food systems during COVID-19.
  • 10 Ways to Safely Help Your Community During COVID-19 (Americorps)


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