In keeping with our mission to educate and empower North Carolina children, youth and their families to make choices that increase positive health behaviors, we offer a variety of educational substance abuse prevention programming to children and adults alike. This section of our website is designed primarily as a place where parents and youth service providers can come to learn about our upcoming Drugs Uncovered: What Parents Need to Know programs, find answers to drug related questions and get resources and tips for talking to your teen about drugs and alcohol. Research indicates that “parents can have a robust protective role over and above peer influences”* so we hope this website provides you with information to be a protective factor for the youth in your care.

* Source: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/19011969


Alcohol Uncovered Video

Prescription Opioid Epidemic: Know the Facts

Tough Scenarios

Questions and suggested responses

Alcohol Quiz (Word doc; answers in bold)

Interactive Activities and Quizzes

Alcohol Quiz

Chemicals Around My House: For Parents and Adults

Steroids Quiz
(See Anabolic Steroids Fact Sheet for answers)

Dr. NIDA’s Challenge


Science Education Drug Abuse Partnership Award Program

The Science of Addiction: Genetics and the Brain

The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology Through the Study of Addiction

NIH Blueprint for Neuroscience Research

Tobacco Marketing to Kids (PDF)

Let’s Go to the Movies: Smoking in Film (PDF)

Anabolic Steroids Activity Sheet (PDF)

Anabolic Steroids Fact Sheet (PDF)

The Cranium Connection: What Drugs Do to the Brain (PDF)

Ecstasy Fact Sheet (PDF)

Inhalants Fact Sheet (PDF)

Marijuana Fact Sheet (PDF)

Prescription Drug Abuse Fact Sheet (PDF)

Facts on Opioids (PDF)

Facts on CNS Depressants (PDF)

Facts on DXM and Cough Syrup Abuse (PDF)

Facts on Stimulants (PDF)

Facts on Prescription and OTC Drugs (PDF)

Map of Educational & Wellness Services for Youth in Wake County

Educational Materials

Choices and Consequences (PDF)
Elementary School Drug Education

For the Health of It! (PDF)
Middle & High School Drug Education

The Peer Pressure Bag of Tricks (PDF)

Useful Websites

NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse)

NIDA: Preventing Drug Abuse among Children and Adolescents

SAMHSA: Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration

SAMHSA Treatment Locator

Above the Influence

Parents. The Anti-Drug.

CDC Life Stages & Specific Populations

The Partnership at Drugfree.org

USA.gov (Parents of Teens resources with multiple links on drug prevention)

The Cool Spot

National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens

Drug Glossary

Local Articles

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Bagging & Inhalants

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Liquor in Movies Promotes Teen Drinking

Why Being the “Cool” Parent Isn’t So Cool

Teens: Under the Influence and Behind the Wheel

Adults Legally Responsible for Teens Drinking

Three New Dangerous Drug Habits of Teens

Easily Accessible Highs

Winning the Drug War in our Schools

Recent News

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