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Seymour says, “Remember that your choices affect you, your friends, your family and your community.  Sometimes friends think they know what they’re talking about when they repeat what they’ve heard somewhere, but they really don’t have the facts. Make sure you get the right information from reliable sources like the ones listed here.  Check out these cool videos, games and facts:”

Prescription Poisons

Did you know that in 2010, nearly 30% of calls to Carolinas Poison Center about intentional misuse or abuse of drugs involved teens 13-19?  Today, over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription drug abuse is becoming more of a problem than street drug use.  Many teens do not see the misuse of OTC and prescription drugs as a threat to their health.

Several factors contribute to the danger of abusing OTC and prescription drugs.  The amount of a substance taken can determine if it becomes toxic.  This means products like OTC and prescription drugs can be harmful, even deadly, if they are used in the wrong amount or wrong way.  Prescription drug misuse or abuse can cause.

♦  Trouble breathing
♦  Seizures, passing out
♦  Addiction
♦  Coma
♦  Death

Learn more about the dangers of abusing OTC and prescription drugs, hear real stories about drug abuse, learn the facts about getting high, and play interactive games HERE.


Get the Facts on Drug Abuse

Test your knowledge: Find out what you know about drugs

Read Real Questions from Real Teens: What are other teens asking about drugs and drug abuse?

PEERxGet the facts about prescription drug abuse

Videos: Watch videos about drug abuse

Visit NIDA for Teens Today!


Medicines in Your Home

Check out these great videos, including an interactive video,  to learn about over-the-counter medicines and the Drug Facts label.

Interactive Home:

Move at your own pace, learn through doing the activities, see how the family decides when a medicine is needed, and practice making medicine choices using realistic medicine labels.  Check it out NOW!

The Over-the-Counter Drug Facts Label video:

Learn how to safely use over-the-counter medicine

Check out more videos at the FDA Resources For You Video Room.

SADD: Students Against Destructive Decisions

When used incorrectly or abused, prescription drugs and over-the-counter (OTC) drugs can cause serious harm, even death.

Learn more about prescription and OTC drug abuse from  SADD:

♦  What We Know                    ♦  Link to More Information
♦  Warning Signs           ii         ♦  Find Related Articles, Studies & Other Resources


Contact the North Carolina SAAD Coordinator


Doing drugs, smoking and drinking can really affect people’s lives.  Is your life affected?  Discover the truth at TeensHealth.

Get the facts about prescription drugs HERE.  Did you know that it’s not only very risky, but can even be deadly, to take certain medications or drugs together?

Below you will find additional articles you will find on TeensHealth:

♦  ADHD Medications
♦  Are Steroids Worth the Risk?
♦  Caffeine
♦  Drugs: What You Should Know
♦  Inhalents
♦  Marijuana

Is It Candy or Medicine?

Can YOU tell the difference?

You’d be surprised how many potentially poisonous products look good enough to eat.  Don’t be fooled by their candy-like looks, taking drugs or medications when not needed can be dangerous!

Check out the Mistaking Medicine for Candy video below:



Study shows how children and even adults have difficulty distinguishing medicine from candy.  Read more HERE!

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