Prescription Medicine Safety – Resources for Young Children (PreK-3rd Grade)

Seymour says, “ To stay healthy and safe, always check with a trusted adult before putting something in your mouth and body. Let’s learn more!”




The Weirdo Family: Medicine Is NOT Candy presents a simple cartoon to help kids learn about the difference between medicine and candy!


Hidden Home Hazards

This is a game for young people to help their parents keep medicine safety a top priority at home. 


Medicine is Not Candy – Storybook

Young children learn about poison safety through the story of Tommy and Aliva’s visit to their grandparent’s house.

FREE publication from The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. © 2008

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Stop! Ask First Video

This exciting poison prevention animation for children is geared toward grades K – 3. This entertaining and informative video reinforces the message to always “Stop and Ask First” before touching, tasting, or smelling anything.

Video provided by the New York State Poison Control Center & University at Albany School of Public Health.






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Below you’ll find more resources, videos and activities related to
Prescription Medicine Safety to share with your family.



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