Prescription Medicine Safety – Resources for Young Children (PreK-3rd Grade)

Seymour says, “Always check with an adult before putting something in your mouth.  Sometimes things look like candy, but they really are not candy.  You want to grow up to be healthy, so take good care of your body!  Have fun learning about how to be safe at these fun places!”


Dougie the Drug Dog

Dougie the Drug Dog helps families, schools and communities educate young people about prescription drug abuse.  You’ll find a coloring book, stickers and information for parents to use in helping prevent prescription drug abuse among children.

Dougie’s coloring book was created to appeal to children 2-10 years of age who are our future teenagers and potential abusers of prescription drugs. The coloring book is 20 pages of fun that includes puzzles, games, and of course plenty of pages to color.

The message is simple – prescription drugs are good for your health when they are prescribed by a doctor, dispensed by a pharmacist, and taken only when given to you by your parents or other trusted adult. Inside the back cover is a message to the parents that discusses the problems with prescription drugs being left in the medicine cabinet and some steps that can be taken to reduce the availability of these drugs in the home.


The Weirdo Family: Medicine Is NOT Candy presents a simple cartoon to help kids learn about the difference between medicine and candy!


Medicine is Not Candy – Storybook

Young children learn about poison safety through the story of Tommy and Aliva’s visit to their grandparent’s house.

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Danger Rangers: Poison Prevention Education

In 2002, more than 1.2 million unintentional poisonings among children ages 5 and under were reported to U.S. poison control centers. This is why it’s the Danger Rangers mission to teach poison prevention to children everywhere.

Danger Rangers provide:

♦ Tips that are important in teaching poison prevention.
♦ Songs, videos & activities that make poison prevention education FUN for kids!
♦ Resources that provide parents & caregivers information on poison prevention.

Don’t forget the poison control number 1-800-222-1222 in case of an emergency!


Stop! Ask First Video

This exciting poison prevention animation for children is geared toward grades K – 3. This entertaining and informative video reinforces the message to always “Stop and Ask First” before touching, tasting, or smelling anything.

Video provided by the New York State Poison Control Center & University at Albany School of Public Health






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