Positive Youth Development Skills

L – Leadership, Power, Foresight, Decisions, Esteem
E – Empower, Positive Influence, Strength, Involvement, Development
A – Achieve Dreams, Goals, Success, Follow Through, Produce
P – with Poe


LEAP Positive Youth Development Skills

LEAP incorporates prevention techniques that teach leadership skills, school success, positive family involvement, positive community involvement, making effective healthy decisions/choices, empower youth to develop positive values and morals, teaching high self esteem, how to handle negative peer influence, and being aware of their own culture.

LEAP programming empowers youth with protective factors to build upon to reduce “risky” behaviors such as, drug, alcohol, and/or tobacco use, sexual behaviors, and violence and increase positive influences, development and demonstrate positive behaviors.

LEAP believes that each youth can set and achieve their goals to enhance and take advantage of different factors, including family resources, community services, and educational and employment opportunities to become a productive citizen. To take pride in their involvement in the community.

LEAP is consistently developing partnerships with Wake County organizations that youth and families already utilize and have meaningful engagement in such as school, faith and community recreation organizations. LEAP programs and activities are developed with youth, instead of for youth. This empowers youth to respond to the programming in a positive way with participation, cooperation, and open to learning ways to be successful daily in their community.

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