Healthy Kids Back to School Expo

08/16/2014 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Fit & Able Health Expo 2014 - TOP

Community organizations will provide families with information to keep them safe, healthy and on the move. Stop by for FREE information, door prizes, mall gift cards, entertainment and sports clinics for athletes of all ages! PLUS Free Sports & Athletic Clinics, including: warm-up, cool-down, & stretching, ABCs: Agility, Balance, Coordination & Speed, equipment (apparel & shoes selection), assessing your fitness, sports injuries, cross training, and performance nutrition.

Be sure to stop by the Poe Center booth for fun activities, information about the Poe Center and information for you and your family!

Door Prizes – Store Gift Cards, Cash Gifts, Family Monthly Swim Pass, Athletic Team Membership, “Ready for Kindergarten” Bag of Goodies, Marbles Museum, Race Entries, Healthy Activities Basket, 60 minute Massage, Free Week of Summer Camp, Ballerina Teddy Bear, Health Products, Martial Arts Lessons, Gym Memberships and many more wonderful DOOR PRIZES!

For information visit: or

Fit & Able Health Expo 2014 - BOTTOM