Session One

D Stands for Diverse – Students are introduced to the real meaning of diversity and are encouraged to remember that “I am who I am because of who we are.”

Session Two

B Stands for Bullying – Students learn the facts about bullying: how to recognize bullying, the roles of the “Bullying Circle”, and what to do from each role’s perspective.

Session Three

R Stands for Relationships – Students learn how to recognize and nourish healthy relationships (and how to avoid negative relationships).

Session Four

C Stands for Change – Students wrestle with video clips and role plays to exercise the role of a HERO through empowerment to make a change in their school.

Sessions Include:
Each session involves exercises, activities, and deliberate reflection. Students are challenged to “dig deep” into themselves and overcome real and perceived pressures in order to do the right thing. Each session includes reflection time with journaling responses to thought-provoking prompts, and there is a pledge at the end of all of the sessions, describing what is expected of those who have been through the program.

Grade Level: 6th – 8th
Program Length: Four 60-minute sessions

Meets Essential Standards: