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Senior Management Staff

Ann Rollins
Executive Director
ext. 302
Ann’s Bio


Full Time Staff

Cammie Bates, LAT, ATC, MPhys
Physical Activity and Nutrition Health Educator
ext. 324
Cammie’s Bio


Jennifer Bell, M.Ed.
Marketing Director
ext. 326
Jennifer’s Bio


Amanda Bodenheimer, MS
Administrative Coordinator
Amanda’s Bio


Susan Foster, CSAPC
Substance Use Prevention Assistant Program Manager
ext. 303
Susan’s Bio


Tamika Gilchrist, BS
Substance Use Prevention Specialist
Tamika’s Bio


Alaina Hart, MPH, CHES
Health Educator
ext. 313
Alaina’s Bio


Janice Hocutt
Finance Manager
ext. 310
Janice’s Bio


Virginia L. Johnson, CSAPC
Substance Use Prevention Manager
ext. 305
Virginia’s Bio


Jessica Jones, CSAC, LCAS-A
Substance Use Prevention Specialist
Jessica’s Bio


Jacqueline Kussin
Development Coordinator/ EARS Data Coordinator
ext. 321
Jacqueline’s Bio


Kate Mascho, RD, LDN
Scheduling Coordinator / Website Director
ext. 399
Kate’s Bio


Lauren McCallum
Senior Health Educator
ext. 311
Lauren’s Bio


Jennifer McLean, MPH, CHC
Substance Use Prevention Specialist
Jennifer’s Bio


Dana Orr, BS, MBA
Senior Health Educator
ext. 312
Dana’s Bio


Natalia Solera Ortiz
Spanish Health Educator / CookWELL Kitchen Coordinator
ext. 313
Natalia’s Bio


Robin Pittman, MS, CHES
Senior Health Educator
ext. 322
Robin’s Bio


Rachel Pohlman, MPH, RD, LDN
Nutrition Manager
ext. 314
Rachel’s Bio


Thomas Ray, MA, NBCT, PhD
Senior Director of Educational Programming
ext. 309
Thomas’s Bio


Annalee Rigdon
Multimedia Specialist
Annalee’s Bio


Karen Sansom-Goodman, MS
Substance Use Prevention Health Educator
ext. 304
Karen’s Bio


Rebecca Wheeler
Senior Health Educator
ext. 320
Rebecca’s Bio


Part Time Staff

Kathleen Armstrong
Assistant Garden Specialist
Kathleen’s Bio


Brenda Beatty, MPH, RD
Health Educator
Brenda’s Bio


Chris Corsi
Health Educator
Chris’s Bio


Remington Ham
Lead Garden Specialist
Remington’s Bio

Jordan Harris, CHES
Health Educator
Jordan’s Bio


Liza Iv
Health Educator
Liza’s Bio


Mary-Margaret Maynard Manlove
Health Educator
Mary-Margaret’s Bio


Paige Schildkamp, BA, MPH
Health Educator
Paige’s Bio


Jen Zerda, MS
Health Educator
Jen’s Bio









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