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Bullying is a serious issue that should not be simply tolerated as a normal part of childhood. Our programs help participants make a positive impact against bullying in their schools and communities.  CLICK HERE to find the most revealing statistics behind bullying – and how to detect it and take action.

Bully Free Friends: Everyone’s A Star

Grade Level: Preschool – 1st | Program Length: 30 minutes

“Angie Apple”, “Curtis Carrot” and “Star Fruit” introduce preschoolers and their caregivers to the importance of healthy and effective interpersonal communication and relationships.  Specially designed puppets will explain how to recognize bullying, teasing, and aggressive behaviors and address appropriate ways to respond.


Friend Power

Grade Level: 2nd – 3rd | Program Length: 45 minutes

A fun and interactive session explores what qualities make a good friend. Participants will use their “emotion detectors” to practice interpreting facial expressions and will work together to create their own story about preventing bullying behavior. By the conclusion of the session, participants will understand how they can exercise their Friend Power to create healthy friendships.


Don’t Stand By: Be a H.E.R.O.

Grade Level: 4th – 5th | Program Length: 60 minutes

Research suggests that the majority of children involved in bullying are the bystanders. “Don’t Stand By” uses an intervention strategy that focuses time and skill building to help bystanders stand up and speak up when it comes to bullying in their schools, neighborhoods and communities. This interactive program allows participants many opportunities for discussion and problem-solving.


The Alphabet of Anti-Bullying

Grade Level: 6th – 8th | Program Length: Four 60-minute sessions

Session One

D Stands for Diverse – Students are introduced to the real meaning of diversity and are encouraged to remember that “I am who I am because of who we are.”

Session Two

B Stands for Bullying – Students learn the facts about bullying: how to recognize bullying, the roles of the “Bullying Circle”, and what to do from each role’s perspective.

Session Three

R Stands for Relationships – Students learn how to recognize and nourish healthy relationships (and how to avoid negative relationships).

Session Four

C Stands for Change – Students wrestle with video clips and role plays to exercise the role of a HERO through empowerment to make a change in their school.

Sessions Include:
Each session involves exercises, activities, and deliberate reflection.  Students are challenged to “dig deep” into themselves and overcome real and perceived pressures in order to do the right thing.  Each session includes reflection time with journaling responses to thought-provoking prompts, and there is a pledge at the end of all of the sessions, describing what is expected of those who have been through the program.

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