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The Poe Center believes that educating children and youth on the importance of making positive health decisions is more impactful when parents, caregivers and adult community members are well-informed of today’s issues. Participating in these programs empower parents, caregivers and other adults to take an active role in the future health of North Carolina children and youth.

Adult participants who attend the following programs are able to effectively facilitate important discussions with children and youth on the following topics.

  • Alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use
  • Bullying prevention and awareness
  • Sexual health responsibility and development
  • Nutrition and physical activity

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Grade Level: Adults Only | Program Length: 2 hour workshop

This program also offers a youth component to each session. Ask us about this!

The Poe Center’s #YouthCulture program is designed to empower parents and guardians by providing insight into the environment and culture around our youth. This 2-hour workshop explores how the developing adolescent brain shapes perceptions and behavior. All participants will receive a free packet of supportive materials and resources. Covered topics will include substance use, Internet safety, sexting, and healthy dating relationships. In addition, we will explore ways to enhance parent-child communication.

Additional scheduling options consist of 90 minute modules:

Adolescent Brain Development and the Role of Social Media

Learn about current research on adolescent brain development and teen risk perception. Participants will also explore how a risk perception impacts a teen’s engagement with social media and Internet security.

Healthy Teen Relationships

Learn to recognize warning signs of unhealthy dating relationships and potential dating violence. In addition participants will learn current sexting statistics and trends as well as North Carolina laws.

Adolescent Brain Development and Addiction

Learn how early onset substance use affects the development of the adolescent brain. Participants will learn important skills and resources to address the trends in substance use today.

Navigating “The Talk” on Substance Use Prevention

Learn about resources and tools to assist you in developing and tailoring the talk with your teen about social media, teen relationships, and substance use.

Opioids 101

Learn about the growing concern of opioid use (prescription pain medicine and heroin) in our communities and how to recognize the risk factors, youth perception of risk, scope of the opiate problem, signs and symptoms, as well as action steps and resources to keep children from opioid use. Adults will receive relevant resources and information.

E-cigarettes 101

This program addresses the the growing concern of e-cigarettes and youth. Participants will explore adolescent brain development and effects of e-cigarettes as we cover the latest research. We will also take a look at the risk factors for use, and the protective factors that help prevent use. A discussion on resources and strategies for increasing protective factors with our youth will leave attendees with tools for the next steps.

Find more information about #YouthCulture HERE!


Drugs Uncovered: What Parents & Adults Need to Know

Grade Level: Adults Only | Program Length: 2 hours

This program offers a shortened, 90-minute version of DU, as well as a youth component.  Ask us about this!

Drugs Uncovered: What Parents & Adults Need to Know is an interactive program that targets parents of upper elementary, middle school and high school students.Drugs Uncovered introduces parents to the current trends regarding alcohol, tobacco and other drugs; health risks associated with adolescent use/abuse; the North Carolina alcohol laws and parental responsibility; and techniques for open communication and dialog with adolescents.

The Science of Addiction: Genetics and the Brain
The Brain: Understanding Neurobiology Through the Study of Addiction

Bullying Uncovered Lite: What Parents & Adults Need to Know

Grade Level: Adults | Program Length: 90 minutes

Bullying Uncovered is a 90 minute interactive program for adults who interact with youth. The program explores bullying definitions, statistics, and trends, including cyberbullying. Through small group activities, participants will learn how positive adult modeling and school climate impacts bullying prevention.  

Parents Matter!

Grade Level: Adults | Program Length: Five 2.5-hour sessions

A CDC evidence-based program that empowers and educates parents/guardians of pre-teens (children ages 9-14) on how to be their own child’s sexual health and responsibility educator. Designed ultimately as a communication workshop, Parents Matter! helps parents/guardians dialogue more effectively with their child(ren) so that their values are being heard above those in the media.  The Parents Matter! program will include:

  • Tips on how to improve communication
  • Strategies for communicating your values to your child
  • Practice answering hard questions
  • Learning the truth about kids’ sexual behavior
  • Talking with other parents dealing with the same issues
  • Information about puberty and other health topics

Dinner and child care are included with each session.

Healthy POEtential Series

Grade Level: Adults | Program Length: Four 1-hour sessions

Healthy POEtential is four-session family education series which promotes healthy habits to adults and their families.  This informative and interactive program covers:

  • Nutrition and and physical activity basics
  • In depth discussion around food groups, reading food labels and portion sizes
  • How to get the most out of your food budget
  • A virtual “Grocery Store Tour”
Each 1-hour session involves taste testing a healthy snack, a short interactive lesson and a quick energizer!

Healthy POEtential

Grade Level: Adults | Program Length: One 1-hour session

Is fast food a cheaper alternative to healthful eating?  No!!  Explore the evolution of serving sizes in America and learn how to feed your family healthfully and inexpensively.  Healthy POEtential is an adult education program emphasizing the importance of good nutrition and physical activity.  This one-hour interactive program covers nutrition and physical activity basics, the “MyPlate” food guide, decoding the Nutrition Facts label, and how to get the most out of your food budget.



Ages: 5 and Up | Program Length: 1 hour

Are you ready to “come on down” to participate in a fun-filled game show?  Join our wacky hosts for a nutrition and physical activity themed, interactive and educational program.  This program is designed for all ages.  Groups of up to 200 can participate and  FAMILIES can compete TOGETHER to reach the “Million- Dollar” question.


Health Wise

Grade Level: Adult Seniors | Program Length: Eight 1-hour sessions

Health Wise is an education program to promote healthy aging for older adults.  The 8-session series is designed to address issues important to older adults, such as nutrition, physical activity, meal planning, prevention of chronic disease, communicating with healthcare providers, and brain fitness (preserving memory and cognition).  Participants will inspire others to adopt healthier lifestyle habits!


Snack Smart for Parent and Child

Grade Level: Ages 8 years and up, paired with an adult caregiver | Program Length: 2 hours

Families follow a recipe to create a healthy snack while learning about MyPlate, healthy snacking, and proper kitchen safety.


Poe’s Cooking with MyPlate Challenge

Grade Level: Ages 10 – Adult | Program Length: 2 hours

Participants work together in the kitchen to compete in a food-preparation challenge. Healthy cooking strategies are introduced, as well as reviewing MyPlate, reading a nutrition facts label, and practicing basic kitchen safety. Recipe choices include stir fry, turkey tacos, pizza with whole grain crust, and frittatas.


To schedule a program or to obtain additional information on these programs, please call (919) 231-4006 or contact our Scheduling Specialist, Amanda Bodenheimer, at

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