Educational Topics

General Health

The general health theater features programming that enables students to make healthy choices as they discover the complexities and wonders of the human body.

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Nutrition &
Physical Activity

The nutrition theater hosts an interactive exer-cycle, the Poe Cafeteria and much more to ensure that students learn about good nutrition and active lifestyles.

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Dental Health

Allowing students to explore the importance of oral hygiene, Mr. Big Mouth and his jumbo set of teeth are the main attraction in the Dental Health Theater.

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Drug Prevention

By taking a close look at drug and alcohol use and abuse, in addition to tobacco usage and media violence, students will gain valuable insights and tools to help make healthy lifestyle choices.

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Bullying Prevention

Bullying is a serious issue that should not be simply tolerated as a normal part of childhood. Our programs help participants make a positive impact against bullying in their schools and communities.

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For Girl Scouts

In conjunction with Girl Scouts – North Carolina Coastal Pines, the Poe Center offers a number of educational programs designed especially for Girl Scouts of all age ranges.

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Family Life

All family life curriculum adhere to the strict parameters for family life education as prescribed by respective schools and districts.

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For Adults

The Poe Center offers a number of special programs to inform parents and childcare professionals on key issues.

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Cranium Connection

The “Brain Theater” is housed in the lobby of the Poe Center in a shell whose exterior is representative of a twelve-foot-tall human head.

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PlayWELL Park

Our 1.5-acre one-of-a-kind health education playground offers children the opportunity to learn about health experientially while having fun.

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