The Poe Center provides health education programs to pre-scheduled groups. Reservations are required to participate in our programs at the Poe Center.

The PlayWell Park is open to the public during normal business hours (M-F, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm), weather permitting, and reservations are not required to play. The park is closed on holidays.

Yes. We can schedule your child to join a group already scheduled for the same program(s) you are interested in, either online or in-person at Poe. Individuals or very small groups (up to 3 participants) can join a group for a rate of $10 per child for one program or $15 per child for two programs on the same day. Call (919) 231-4006 or email Amanda if you are interested in joining an already scheduled program.

Poe’s online programs are presented live and feature interactive activities, such as polls, chats, movement games, active discussions, breakout groups, and more. Upon scheduling, let us know which platform you prefer (Zoom, Google Meet, or another application). Within 48 hours of your scheduled program, a link/calendar invitation will be shared between Poe and your organization for our health educators and your participants to join at the scheduled time. We promise the same great content, the same enthusiastic staff, and engaging activities that make the Poe Experience so valuable, unique, and effective. For additional information about online programs, please visit https://www.poehealth.org/educational-topics-new/online-programs/.

There are several ways we accept payment.

For programming delivered at the Poe Center:

    • We accept payment on the day of programming. An invoice will be generated based upon the exact number of children in attendance for programming and you may pay with cash, check or credit card. If you prefer not to pay on the day of programming we will email the invoice to your school/organization for payment to be made online or mailed to us.
    • If you bring a check that is already made out for an estimated number of children:
      • and fewer children attend, we will not provide a refund.
      • and more children attend, we will bill for those children not covered by the check.

For programming delivered at your school/organization or online: An invoice will be generated and emailed to your school/organization based upon the exact number of children in attendance for programming. You may mail payment to us in the form of a check or Pay Online using a credit card.

If you arrive late for your programming, we may have to revise your schedule for the day. Many days we have multiple groups visiting the Poe Center and we must stay on schedule. If you are delayed, please call the Poe Center at 919-231-4006 to notify Poe staff of your delay.

Yes. Most groups choose to have lunch on our PlayWELL Park. We have two covered picnic areas with several tables for groups to enjoy. Recycling and trash cans are located next to each picnic area for your use and convenience. If the weather is not appropriate for your children to be outside, we can make arrangements for you to have lunch indoors.

Yes. Parents are welcome to join their child’s group at no charge. However, the safety and quality of our programs are our first priority, seating may be limited for parents and accompanying chaperones. At the time of scheduling, you will be provided with the limit of adults (includes teachers, parents and other chaperones) that can accompany your group.

The Cranium Connection, “Brain Theater”, is a state-of-the-art, interactive, walk-in brain exhibit and show that gives children and teachers the opportunity to learn about and explore the wonders of the brain. This exhibit is housed in the lobby of the Poe Center in a shell whose exterior is representative of a twelve-foot-tall human head. The interior theater features a rounded cave-like 20 by 20-foot space; with decorative lighting to simulate veins and nerves.

Visitors view a brain health education program through two large monitors at the front of the theater, which are located where the eyes would be. Nerf balls will be shot at the audience during the program to demonstrate the reactions of the nervous system to stimuli.

At the time of scheduling, you can request to include a visit to the Cranium Connection. The approximately 10-minute Cranium Connection program is most appropriate for ages 6-12.

We apologize if you do not hear from us within (7) days of submitting your online scheduling request. In some instances, an online scheduling request may be blocked by a firewall. If you do not hear from us after (7) business days please call 919-231-4006 or email Amanda.

Please arrange to host our program(s) in a space large enough to fit all participants comfortably with an area that has a projection screen or blank white wall, a desk or small table and access to electrical outlet. Some of our programs may require internet access, please be prepared to assist our staff with logging on to the school’s/organization’s internet.

In the event that the Poe Center Health Educator requests a media cart, please make arrangements beforehand to have one available or at the front office.

You may expect to have our Health Educator(s) arrive 45-60 minutes prior to the start of their first program to allow for sign-in and set-up for programming.