Online Programs

Online Programs

For your convenience and safety, the Poe Center has converted our interactive, vital health education programs to an online format. Poe’s live and interactive online programs offer a convenient option for schools and organizations who can not travel to the Poe Center or have our health educators come to your location.

We can promise the same great content, the same enthusiastic staff, and engaging activities that make the Poe Experience so valuable, unique, and effective.

Same Great Content, Same Great Staff, and Engaging Activities

    • Search our program directory by grade and topic to generate a list of programs for your specific needs.

    • Go to our scheduling page to select your desired programs and submit a program request.*

    • If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our program scheduler Amanda Bodenheimer and let us know what you need.  We can adapt a program to meet your needs!
    • Online programs are available via Zoom or Google Meet.

“Thank you to the Poe Center for teaching in creative ways and providing useful tools for students [in this online program].”
“What an informative and engaging online presentation!”


Program Costs: Book Two and Save

The Poe Center’s online programs are available at the same great rates as our in-person programs. Discounts may be available for Nutrition & Physical Activity programs for eligible schools.

    • $7.00 total per participant with a minimum group of 25 participants (or a minimum fee of $175.00) for one program; or
    • $11.00 total per participant with a minimum group of 25 participants (or a minimum fee of $275.00) for two programs (delivered on the same day, to the same group of participants).

Interested in joining a scheduled program? You may register your child to join a group already scheduled for the same program(s) you are interested in having your child receive. Individuals or very small groups (up to 3 participants) can join a group for a rate of $10 per child for one program or $15 per child for two programs on the same day.

*Note: Some programs may not be available as an online option. To find out more, contact our scheduler, Amanda Bodenheimer.



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