WakeMed’s PlayWELL Park

The world’s first health education playground:

Our 1.5-acre one-of-a-kind health education playground offers children the opportunity to learn about health experientially while having fun. Students are also able to enjoy an outdoor lunch under two covered picnic areas equipped with tables and trash cans. WakeMed is the lead sponsor of WakeMed’s PlayWELL Park at Poe and provides landscape maintenance as an in-kind donation. Some of the activities include:

  • Physical Activity Tree House – Kids climb the rib rise and nerve net, and slide through giant arteries.
  • Nutri-Climb – Climbing the nutrition wall, kids experience the “downfall” of too many wrong food choices.
  • Bone Balance – While learning to grow strong bones and teeth, kids can balance their way through the bone yard.
  • In One Ear – Kids of all ages will dangle in the air as they fly from ear to ear.
  • Pulse Chimes – The playground comes alive with the sound of chimes as kids monitor their pulse.
  • Pedal Posts – Kids will be challenged to coordinate their hands and feet to show how heart and lungs, muscles and bones work together.
  • Shade Shelter Cap with Sunglasses and Tongue Slide – Kids will learn how easy it is to protect their skin from harmful UV rays.
  • Healthy Choices Maze – This a-MAZE-ing challenge, full of twists and turns, will teach kids the importance of healthy choices.

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