Tamika M. Gilchrist

Tamika M. Gilchrist, B.S.
Senior Substance Use Prevention Specialist

Tamika M. Gilchrist received her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health Education with a concentration in Community Health from North Carolina Central University in Durham, N.C. Tamika is passionate about the field of health education and working with youth, families, and the larger community to decrease risks of substance misuse by increasing protective factors. She has experience advocating for various groups around the areas of HIV/STI prevention, adolescent pregnancy prevention, and substance use prevention.

Tamika started her career as a Media Coordinator for a five-county substance use prevention coalition. In addition to media and advertising, she assisted with the education and outreach aspect of the coalition. This included community-based forums and programs and environmental strategy efforts such as Alcohol Purchase Surveys and Sticker Shock Campaigns – to help reduce substance use/misuse among youth in Eastern North Carolina.

Outside of work, Tamika enjoys public service, cooking, traveling, spending time with family and friends and watching football.

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