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Dental Health programs at the Poe Center educate your children on oral hygiene and the care and maintenance of the teeth and gums. While our Mr. Big Mouth and the Sugar Bugs, are able to bring brushing and flossing to life at our Raleigh facility, their messages and information can be translated anywhere! Our talking tabletop tooth, Sherriff Tuffy Tooth and his trusty sidekick, Bucky, make their way to schools throughout NC, spreading the messages of good oral health and hygiene! This section of our website is designed primarily as a place where families can come to learn about our programs, find answers to dental health-related questions and obtain fun and exciting resources to help children and adults learn about the importance of dental health and oral hygiene!

Sheriff Tuffy Tooth

Grade Level: Preschool – 1st | Program Length: 30 minutes

Sheriff Tuffy Tooth really speaks to kids about the importance of tooth brushing, eating healthy foods and visiting the dentist. Invite the Sheriff, an animated, talking tooth and his deputy, “Bucky the Horse,” to visit your school or group for a one-of-a-kind experience!

Clean and Chompin’!

Grade Level: 2nd – 3rd | Program Length: 45 minutes

You be the dentist! Practice tooth brushing and flossing on Mr. Big Mouth’s extra-large teeth. Pick healthy habits and nutritious snacks to prevent tooth decay. To help reinforce the importance of regular dental check-ups, volunteers will create a decay equation explaining how sugar and plaque lead to cavities.

Happy Teeth!

Grade Level: Preschool | Program Length: 30 minutes

Join us for Jiggle Wiggle time with Mr. Big Mouth as students learn how to brush and take care of their teeth. Play our healthy snack foods game while learning about those who help us to take care of our teeth… making them Happy Teeth!

Super Smiles!

Grade Level: Kindergarten – 1st | Program Length: 45 minutes

An exciting visit from Mr. Big Mouth will teach students the importance of proper brushing and flossing. Students play “Move It and Lose It” to demonstrate the exchange of primary teeth for permanent teeth. Annie and Moby™ take them on a visit to the dentist and a special guest, Captain Clean-Teeth, helps them leave this fun program with… Super Smiles!

Teeth are Goofy

Grade Level: Kindergarten – 2nd | Program Length: 45 minutes

The Disney character Goofy® helps children understand the importance of good oral hygiene. Participants play the “Teeth are Goofy” game, which teaches good oral hygiene.

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