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Online Exhibits

Visit one of Poe’s beautifully designed and highly interactive online exhibits. Each site features dozens of informative hotspots covering a wide-range of health-science topics. Learn more below!

Poe & Grow Garden

The interactive Poe and Grow Garden is designed with you, your school and community in mind. As you roll over the elements of our online Poe and Grow garden, you will learn helpful facts and be guided to valuable resources. As the tree changes with the seasons, many components of the garden will also change to reflect what to expect in the garden during each season. Come explore!


Online CookWELL Kitchen

Cooking and kitchen skills can help develop better food choices, preferences, attitudes, and behaviors. As children grow, this can have a positive impact on health, including body weight and risk of disease. Learning basic kitchen skills and kitchen safety is the first step to a lifetime of wonderful experiences in the kitchen. Come on in to our online exploration lab and enjoy your visit to the CookWELL Kitchen!


Prescription Medicine Safety Toolkit

Prescription drugs and household chemicals are dangerous, and must be used properly. This online exhibit will help youths learn that prescription drugs are good for your health when they are prescribed by a doctor, dispensed by a pharmacist, and taken only when given to you by your parents or other trusted adult. As a parent or trusted adult, is important to know how to safely store potentially dangerous substances.

Want to learn more? Click on the parts of our online interactive bathroom to learn about how to keep your family safe. Have fun exploring!

Health History Mural

2016 marked the Poe Center’s 25th Anniversary. To commemorate this milestone, North Carolina artist Nicholas Bragg created a one-of-a-kind mural which captures Poe’s past, present, and future within the context of world history. Measuring 12×5 feet, the commemorative mural, entitled “A Celebration of the Alice Aycock Poe Center for Health Education,” consists of 63 symbols representing 5000 years of history. Located just inside the front doors of the Poe Center, the mural welcomes all visitors to the Poe Center. This online version of the mural allows you to explore the Poe Center’s history anytime, anywhere! Click on the numbered hotspots to learn more about each symbol and the artist’s interpretation.



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