Harvesting Knowledge AND Vegetables!

This summer, interns and staff at the Poe Center have been working hard to plan the new campus garden which will be constructed this fall.  In practicing the art of gardening, several vegetable plants were kept next to the building and tended daily. It is finally the end of summer and now harvest time! The small plants weathered blistering heat and torrential downpours, but they survived. Green peppers, red peppers, cherry tomatoes and cucumbers have been making their way onto the vine. “You gain a different perspective of produce when you watch for weeks as a small plant grows into the vegetable that you eat,” says one summer nutrition intern who tended the plants, “you really learn that there is no such thing as ‘fast food’.”

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The vegetable and herb plants grown throughout the summer were donations from Homewood Nursery in Raleigh.  As the campus garden is planted, new fall vegetables will fill the beds. It took all summer, but the Poe Center officially has a green thumb!

On Sunday, September 11th, Julie Newman, her son Matthew and Cathi Seligmann joined the Poe Center’s Executive Director, Ann Rollins, for the National Day of Service at the Poe Center’s PlayWELL Park to begin the planting of vegetables and seeds in the Poe Center’s new POE and Grow Garden.  In addition, they also added a new rain barrel to water the garden!  Keep watching as the POE garden grows…even better, come play on the park and help the garden grow!

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Homewood Nursery & Garden Center is located at 10809 Honeycutt Road, Raleigh 27614 – (919) 847-0117