Happy Holidays from the Poe Center!

Please accept this small token as a symbol of our BIGGEST THANKS for supporting the Poe Center and health education in North Carolina.

In honor of the Poe Center’s 30th anniversary, we have created this custom-artwork computer-desktop background showcasing the elements that make Poe so valuable, unique, and effective. Since we can not be together at the Poe Center right now, we hope you enjoy using this background to bring a little of Poe into your home.

Photo of laptop with gift background framed by a blue and white holiday border topped with a red bow.
To Do: 1) Download Poe Background 2) Register for Poe events 3) Book a program with Poe. 🙂

Directions: From your laptop or desktop, select the option below that is appropriate for your device. The image will open in a new window. Right click the image and save to your computer. Navigate to your computer’s display settings and follow the prompts to select the image as your background. Enjoy!

Poe Center Custom 30th Anniversary Deskrop Background
Artwork courtesy of Annalee Rigdon, Assistant Marketing Director.