A Statement from the Poe Center

In the wake of terrible news of a fatal shooting at the University of Virginia, the news of another fatal mass shooting in Colorado is heartbreaking and frustrating. We mourn the loss of life, and our hearts are with the victims, their communities, their families, and friends.

We send our empathy and continued support to our LGBTQIA+ staff, friends, and community. The LGBTQIA+ community is too often the target of hateful rhetoric and violence. The violence inflicted on some is traumatic for many. We must support our LGBTQIA+ youth as they navigate this arduous landscape.

We remember the young lives lost in the mass shooting at UVA last week. Our hearts are with the families and friends of Devin, Lavel, and D’Sean. We send our empathy and support to the UVA community, and the families and friends of the victims.

Though the motives may differ, gun violence is the common denominator in these traumatic, tragic events. Please secure your firearms with gun locks. You may help avoid a future tragedy.

Take care of yourself and take care of each other.

Poe health educators have curated the following resources to help ourselves and others understand and cope with these traumatic events.


Young Adult Resources: