Celebrate Dental Health Month
with the Poe Center!

Invite the Poe Center to teach your students this February for Dental Health Month. Dental Health programs at the Poe Center educate your children on oral hygiene and the care of the teeth and gums. While our exhibits are able to bring brushing and flossing to life at our Raleigh facility, their messages and information can be brought right to your classroom!  Super Smiles is one of the Poe Center’s most popular dental health programs, for kindergarten and first graders, and it has been updated for 2014 to include more fun sounds, music and activities. Super Smiles still includes its favorite star, Mr. Big Mouth, who teaches students about the importance of proper brushing and flossing. Let the Poe Center help you make health education fun and memorable for your students!

Check out our complete list of Dental Health Programs, we offer 30 to 45 min sessions for preschoolers through second grade students.  You may Schedule Online or contact our scheduling coordinator at 919-231-4006 ext. 399 or [email protected].