Be a H.E.R.O.

The Poe Center has a brand new program available for the fall!  It is called “Don’t Stand By: Be a H.E.R.O.” and is a class on bullying prevention geared toward 4th and 5th grade students.  Research suggests that the majority of children involved in bullying are the bystanders.  When you design an intervention strategy, investing time and skill building into helping bystanders stand up and speak up when it comes to bullying in their schools, neighborhoods, and communities you can make the biggest impact. This interactive program allows participants many opportunities for discussion and problem-solving. 

For groups who would like an anonymous look at what is happening at your site, we provide a survey to collect baseline bullying data.  We will collate the data and provide it to be used to expand interventions where needed within the school or group.

Schedule your school or group today!  Contact Kate Mascho at 919-231-4006 ext. 399 (Toll Free at 1-866-402-4799) or by email at [email protected].