Not really, but we had two special guests attend our event at the Cary Family YMCA on Wednesday, July 14, 2010.  Deputy Smith from the Wake County Sheriff’s Department K9 Unit and his dog Harley came to give participants a demonstration.  With this addition to our Drugs Uncovered: What Parents Need to Know program we now have come full circle.  The program has always covered prevention strategies in talking with youth about the risks and consequences of drug, alcohol and tobacco use.  Intervention resources are also discussed with participants if they know a young person who has already started experimenting with drugs or alcohol.  Using the Alcohol Uncovered video and the addition of the K9 Unit demonstration we are able to expand our information of law enforcement and the consequences associated with underage drinking, as well as the use and possession of illegal drugs.  Thanks to Deputy Smith and K9 Harley for their help in getting the word out to adults about the consequences for their young people if they get involved with illegal drugs!