My Childhood Visit to the Poe Center
By C. Marie Duncan, Poe Center Board of Directors Secretary

“We get to leave school today?”
“Yep, and we’re all riding on a bus!”
“What about lunch?”
“We get to eat lunch outside on a playground!”
“Where are we going?!”
“We’re going to Poe!”

Ok, maybe I don’t recall the exact conversation 20 or so years ago, but I do remember the excitement of elementary school field trips. It’s no secret students of all ages love a change to their normal school day – and leaving the school grounds for pretty much any other destination is just thrilling.

In my 13 years as a Wake County Public School student, I attended many field trips. We visited various museums, the zoo, and even a water treatment facility. I can remember snippets here and there, but our visits to the Poe Center stand out the most.

The demonstrations fascinated me, each theater offering another view into the human body from a different perspective. Today, as a volunteer, I witness the passion shared amongst Poe Center staff and health educators; no matter what technology the Center offers, it is this passion which will remain one of Poe’s best assets (well, that and the BRAIN!).

I feel fortunate to have grown up close by the Center. Now I hear about school groups traveling across the state to attend. The Center truly strives to serve the entire state, and we are always brainstorming ways to get the word out to counties outside the Triangle.

When I was asked to consider volunteering with Poe, I jumped at the opportunity. As an aunt with two young nieces, and one sister in education herself, I hold a strong interest in supporting any efforts to improve health education. The Poe Center had a positive impact on me, and I certainly hope my nieces enjoy a similar experience. Learning about how to establish and maintain healthy behaviors will serve my nieces well beyond their youth. In fact, one day they will likely pass on their knowledge to their own children.

And who knows, maybe my nieces’ children will take a field trip with your own grandson, granddaughter, niece, or nephew?!