National Health Education Week

By: Caroline Dickson, Health Educator

FallAs the weather cools down and the leaves begin to change color, the fall season provides a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the things that matter most in life. Autumn is the perfect time to give thanks to family, friends and good health! Like the autumn leaves that come in various shapes, sizes and colors, we are all unique in our own way. We do, however, share one thing in common; the opportunity for health and happiness.

October 20th marked the beginning of National Health Education week. This week serves to honor health education specialists all around the nation who dedicate their time to empowering others to make healthy choices. Health educators work on disease prevention and management as well as overall wellness. They provide programs that assist individuals, families and their communities in maintaining healthy lifestyles. In addition to assisting communities, educators collect and analyze data to identify community needs. Once these needs are assessed, they plan, implement, monitor, and evaluate programs for success. These programs are designed to encourage healthy lifestyles and environments. Health educators work in a variety of settings including elementary and middle schools, college universities, hospitals, clinics, health departments, health centers and non-profit organizations to name a few.

Healthy Habits CampAt the Poe Center, we provide health education to all ages in an exciting and unique environment. We recognize the holistic side of health, and cover a variety of topics including family life, drug education, dental health, general health, bullying prevention and nutrition and physical activity. Health is not just about eating right and exercising; it is about having balance in all areas of life. The Poe Center’s mission is to educate and empower North Carolina children, youth and their families to make choices that increase positive health behaviors. We are working towards a healthier state, and ultimately, a healthier world.

A big THANK YOU goes out to health educators and health education centers everywhere! Your passion and commitment has inspired many people to take control of their health. To honor these educators everywhere, pledge to make conscious, healthy choices every day.

This fall season, give yourself the gift of health. Take action! It is NEVER too late or too early to start. Make healthy choices when it comes to choosing foods and portion sizes. Go the extra mile (literally) and move more each day. Hydrate your body with water and fresh fruits and vegetables. Give your mind and body sufficient rest, and enjoy a full eight hours of sleep every night. Take those steps towards being smoke-free and limiting your intake of alcohol. Making small changes can really add up over time. Start with a goal and gradually build upon that. The Poe Center is along with you on this journey to health and happiness. Our vision is that that all North Carolina children and youth become healthy adults. If you need any guidance along the way, we are here.