National Minority Mental Health Month

Jessica Fowler, CADC, LCAS-A
Substance Use Prevention Senior Specialist 

Catherine Wills
Assistant Garden Specialist

The Bebe Moore National Minority Mental Health Month, also known as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Mental Health Month, recognizes the disproportionate historical trauma and displacement that has afflicted BIPOC communities and the critical importance of creating mentally healthy spaces that foster continued prosperity.

This year’s theme, “Culture, Community, and Connection”, reminds us how mental health and overall wellness is deeply intertwined with the social, emotional, cultural, and physical environments that surround us. Increasing access to green spaces is one effective way to positively influence one’s environment.

In honor of National Minority Mental Health Month, the Poe Center is proud to introduce the MindWELL Garden, our newest enhancement to PlayWELL Park. Nestled in the Poe Center’s PlayWELL Park, the garden features a wheel-chair accessible trail that meanders through a shady garden filled with native plants. Five sensory stations prompt visitors to pause and practice using their senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste) to help regulate emotions. An activity station in the garden has suggestions for self-care and activities promoting acts of kindness.

Featured Poe Program:

M.I.N.D. 101 – Mindfulness in Navigating Decisions

Participants will explore how thoughts, feelings, and actions are connected and how to use a growth mindset to increase mental wellness. Identifying stress, positive management techniques, healthy decision making, and goal setting will also be explored. Engaging activities, such as positive affirmations, physical activities, and mindfulness exercises, are used to help participants develop stress management and wellness skills.

Program Participants: Grades 6th – 8th
Program Length: 60 minutes

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Featured Resource: Growing Bebe’s Legacy: Empowering Minds, Erasing Stigma, Elevating Communities


Mental health affects us all and everyone has the right to be heard and helped without shame or judgment. Bebe Moore Campbell was committed to creating safe spaces for people in communities of color to connect with those who share similar experiences and backgrounds. Learn more about mental health, sign up for continued resources for you and your family, download shareable social media graphics, and more:

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