Celebrating 30 Visionary Years | #Poe30

Celebrating 30 Visionary Years | #Poe30

On November 21, 1991, the Poe Center welcomed its first field trip group. Seventy students from Sampson Middle School in Sampson County christened the new Alice Aycock Poe Center for Health Education. This moment was the culmination of a vision generated by the members of the Wake County Medical Society Auxiliary (now the Alliance) in the early 1980’s. As physician spouses, community advocates, and leaders, they saw a critical need for health education. They imagined that, one day, all North Carolinians would lead healthy lifestyles. Thanks to their vision, the Poe Center has been creating a healthier North Carolina for 30 years.

The Poe Center is making a difference in the health of NC children, youth, and families. Year after year, 87% of participants report making a positive behavior change after their Poe Center experience. NC children, youth, and families are drinking more water, eating more fruits and vegetables, reducing stress, developing positive relationships skills, avoiding substance use, busting germs, moving more, and making choices that support healthy lifestyles.

As we recognize this milestone and plan for the future, we invite you to join us in the celebration and become a part of Poe’s visionary 30 years. There is a way for everyone to be involved and support!

Support Poe:

Fundraising Campaign: Help us reach our goal of raising $60,000 to provide quality health education today and for the next 30 years for all NC youth and families. Please consider making a contribution today!

Bring the Inside Out: Leave a legacy for the next generation to see! With your support, we can complete our vision of making Poe’s exterior as incredible as the rest of the Poe experience. Our vision is to adorn the front of Poe’s building with health-themed icons representing the spectrum of all the great health-programs available at Poe. Help make students’ jaws drop as they arrive in their school buses excited to learn and promote good health to everyone who passes by! Interested? Email Morgan Zoellner for details.

Join the Host Committee: The Host Committee is made up of individuals/couples who want to assist Poe’s 30th Anniversary efforts by promoting to the community at large. As recognized community leaders, Host Committee members increase the Anniversary’s credibility by publicly endorsing the celebration as a Host. Email Ann Rollins for details!

Attend an event:

30th Anniversary Celebration – September 20th- 22nd
Join us as we celebrate 30 years of unique, valuable, and effective health education programs. Poe will host several special events in connection with our 30th anniversary celebration entitled: The State of Health: Past, Present and Future – 30 Visionary Years, featuring keynote speaker, Coach LeVelle Moton, head coach of the North Carolina Central University men’s basketball program, and honoring Raleigh area and Triad health champions.


Planning Committee:

Host Committee: