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Community Spotlight: Raleigh City Farm

Renée Balyoz
Health Educator 

What is a city farm? How do city farms work? There are many challenges that can occur when farming in a city, such as how to handle pests, identifying what are good water sources for a city farm, and how to find good soil. Our expert health educator Renée joins the team from Raleigh City Farm to talk about farming in downtown Raleigh, the community impact of growing food, and the importance of green space.

Planting seasons may vary depending on your planting zone. Because the Poe Center is located in central North Carolina, we plant in Zone 8a. To find your planting zone, go to https://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/.

To learn more about Raleigh City Farm, visit the Raleigh City Farm website at https://raleighcityfarm.org/.

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