Executive Director

Ann Rollins

Executive Director

Senior Management Staff

Jennifer Bell, M.Ed.

Marketing Director

Amanda Bodenheimer, MS

Scheduling/Operations Director

Virginia L. Johnson, CPS

Substance Use Prevention Director

Robin Pittman, MS, CHES

Family Life Director

Rachel Pohlman, MPH, RD, LDN

Nutrition and Physical Activity Director

Thomas Ray, PhD, MA, NBCT

Senior Director of Educational Programming

Morgan Zoellner

Development Director

Full Time Staff

Brenda Beatty, MPH, RD

Family Life Assistant Director

Carla Edwards

Senior Financial/HR Specialist

Susan Foster, CPS

Substance Use Prevention Assistant Director

Jessica Fowler, CADC, LCAS-A

Substance Use Prevention Senior Specialist

Tamika Gilchrist

Senior Substance Use Prevention Senior Specialist

Anna Glasgow, MAT

Senior Garden Specialist

Anna shares #PoeFitGarden tweets on year-round gardening and the ways it fits with overall wellness.

Damaris Griffith

Coalition Coordinator, Johnston County

Jordan Harris, MHA, CHES

Senior Health Educator

Alaina Hart, MPH, CHES

Assistant Director

Toshia Jordan, MS

Coalition Coordinator, Fuquay-Varina

Jacqueline Kussin

Development/Data Sr. Specialist

Lauren McCallum, Elementary Education Certification

Assistant Director, Nutrition & Physical Activity

Dana Orr, MBA

Assistant Director, Nutrition & Physical Activity

Natalia Solera Ortiz

CookWELL Kitchen Coordinator, Spanish Health Educator

Samantha Patrick, CHES®

Substance Use Prevention Specialist

Annalee Rigdon

Assistant Marketing Director

Karen Sansom-Goodman, MS

Substance Use Prevention Specialist

Part Time Staff

Latoya Anderson

Health Educator

Margaret Thomas Bailey, MA

Substance Use Prevention Administrative Coordinator

Katie Barker

Health Educator

Anna Ferrante

Health Educator

Will Florence, RD

Health Educator

Will uses his background as a Registered Dietician to share #PoeFitNutrition tips and tricks to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Quinn Griffin, MA

Health Educator

Trevor Hamlett

Health Educator

Trevor uses his background in nutrition and fitness to share #PoeFitActive tips on staying motivated and getting your body moving.

Kristie Hicks

Health Educator

Taylor Holste, MA, CHC

Health Educator

Osaffo James

Health Educator

Asia K. Johnson, CHES

Health Educator

Sofia Moyano-Kleckner LPCC, CHES

Substance Use Prevention Specialist

Mary-Margaret Maynard Manlove

Health Educator

Kate Mascho, RD, LDN

Website Specialist

Dr. Amy Pulliam, DHSc., MPH, MCHES

Health Educator

Paige Schildkamp, MPH

Health Educator

Paige writes #PoeFitActive tweets about physical activity and its impact on overall wellness.

Kim Major Walker

Health Educator

Catherine Wills

Assistant Garden Specialist

Catherine share #PoeFitGarden tweets on year-round gardening and the ways it fits with overall wellness.

Jen Zerda, MS

Health Educator/Online Program Senior Specialist