Three Toothy Tips:
In honor of National Children’s Dental Health Month

By: Maggie Perkins, Senior Nutrition Health Educator

1.  Be protected:

Teeth are tough thanks to their enamel covering. Enamel is stronger than the material in our bones. But that doesn’t mean they are invincible!  31% of high school basketball players reported mouth and face injuries in a Florida study1. Mouth guards prevent teeth getting knocked out or biting your tongue2– OUCH! Mouth guards are a must for protection during sports.

2.  Appreciate your pearly whites:

Teeth are amazing! They let us bite and chew up yummy foods, help us form words, and keep our smiles beautiful! Think about the foods you ate today and how you had to use your teeth to eat them. I guess you could put all your food in a blender. Yummy…not!

3.  Get into the habit:

Brush and floss every day and be a role model for your kids and family.  In North Carolina 17% of kindergarteners are entering school with tooth decay3.  Let’s educate our youth and remind ourselves of the benefits of appropriately caring for our teeth. And make sure you check out the Poe Center’s dental health programming for fun and engaging lessons:


Dental Health Month