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Leigh Day – Vice President of Marketing Services Red Hat, Poe Center Board of Directors

Photo of Leigh Day
Leigh Day, Poe Center Board of Directors Member

Parents have a lot to worry about.  Worry that their children might get bullied at school.  Worry that drugs will enter their lives along with strong peer pressure.  Concern that lack of confidence will lead to bad choices that will have a lifetime of implications.  We rely on a support system to teach our children why and how to make healthy decisions and hope these lessons will not be forgotten or dismissed.

For almost 25 years, the Poe Center for Health Education has made it their mission to stand up for children and families in North Carolina.  Addressing the hard issues, such as hunger and addiction, this organization has reached into our communities to empower people with information and confidence to make healthy choices.  The Poe Center is a safe environment that supplements the teachings of our school system with information on nutrition, dental health, brain health, drug prevention, family planning and healthy habits.  The staff drives hours into counties whose kids need extra care and nurturing so they can stay focused, finish school and support their communities.

The Poe Center is an unsung hero in our community that should be celebrated.  They are here to support families and educators, helping us raise future leaders of healthy, empowered people.  The Poe Center is committed to feeding kids during the summer, committed to speaking out on major issues that create real struggles for families, committed to having the tough conversations.

With all the help and service the Poe Center provides, it is also up to us to support the mission of this organization with our monetary support.  The Poe Center needs donations.  If you are a parent in North Carolina, it is probable your child has experienced the Poe Center during a field trip or traveling program.  Consider the direct value your family has, or will, receive from the Poe Center and think about making a contribution.  It could mean that more children receive some help or education that could be missing in their lives.  Our state needs the Poe Center to continue to grow and thrive.

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