LEAP Program FAQs

We often get a variety of questions about the LEAP program and have addressed some of the most frequently asked questions below. If you have any additional questions, please email Virginia Johnson, Substance Use Prevention Director.

LEAP stands for Lead, Empower, Achieve with Poe.

There is no cost for all Wake and Johnston County youth serving organizations.

Elementary, middle, and high school age youth are eligible for the LEAP Series (3rd-12th graders).

Each youth will need to have signed and completed parent/guardian forms in order to start the process.

LEAP is designed to work with all youth in Wake and Johnston Counties. LEAP programs can be implemented in school settings, after school settings, youth groups, faith-based organizations, athletic teams, and other youth serving organizations.

Each session typically runs about 45 minutes to one hour. Some sites have been able to accommodate longer sessions.

It depends on the evidence-based curriculum chosen to meet the needs of the youth as well as the goals of the school or community sites. It could be as few as 8 sessions or as many as 15 sessions.

This will depend on the curriculum and the school or community site goals. If possible, it is recommended that LEAP groups meet at least once a week.

LEAP programming is a high quality experience for youth that could benefit from prevention programming. In addition, there are benefits that that schools/programs/camps will receive such as:

  • Engage in interactive activities for youth.
  • Leadership opportunities for youth such as the Poe Teen Health Advisory Council membership, Youth Empowerment Group & Tobacco Prevention Leadership Opportunities.
  • One 2-hour program for parents and site staff at no cost.
  • Assist with sharing and collecting completed Parent/Guardian Permission Forms.
  • Assist LEAP staff in establishing a program schedule that is mindful of the school calendar and testing commitments.
  • Securing space for program sessions.
  • Educating school/after school staff about youth’s participation schedule.
  • Share feedback on LEAP staff performance.
  • Share feedback on youth progress and assist with attendance tracking.