Poe Center Views White House Summit on Bullying Prevention
in Preparation for Upcoming Anti-Bullying Program

In preparation for an upcoming program addition on bullying, Poe Center for Health Education Senior Program Manager, Terri Moore attended the White House Summit on Bullying Prevention via webinar held at the White House with President and Mrs. Obama on Thursday, March 10, 2011.  The live streaming video conference held on Facebook DC Live, offered opportunities for email questions and included expert panelists in the field of bullying and cyber-bullying.  Included on the panel were Facebook’s Chief Security Officer, Joe Sullivan; author and Anti-Bullying expert Rosalind Wiseman; MTV’s Vice President of Public Affairs and the President’s Domestic Policy Advisor, Melody Barnes. 

The Poe Center has been researching Ms. Wiseman’s anti-bullying curriculum “Owning Up” and has purchased it for further use in the development of a Poe Center anti-bullying program.  Research seems to suggest that the majority of children involved in bullying are the bystanders.  When you design an intervention strategy, investing time and skill building into helping bystanders stand up and speak up when it comes to bullying in their schools, neighborhoods, and communities you can make the biggest impact.  Stay tuned for more information about an upcoming anti-bullying program for upper elementary and middle school students. 

There is more information on the White House Summit to Prevent Bullying on www.stopbullying.gov