Virtual Honor / Memory Book 2015-2016

Thank you to our Poe Friends for giving the gift of health education to children and youth of North Carolina

Contributions enable the Poe Center to:

  • Continue our commitment to providing innovative, low-cost health education programs that benefit North Carolina’s youth for a lifetime as they learn to make healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Provide comprehensive outreach programs to communities that otherwise would not receive health education for their youth.
  • Offer youth across the state comprehensive programs in our innovative teaching theaters.
  • Grant scholarships to school systems and groups otherwise financially unable to receive health education.

Donations October 1, 2015 through September 30, 2016

A donation has been given by: In memory of:
Sarah Beth Maronpot Charles Edwin Woodruff, Jr.
Joseph M. & Sarah S. Sansom Mrs. Vivian Merrick Sansom
Judy & Bill Poe Anthony C. West
Ann Rollins Marie Frances Sayles Hocutt
Sarah Boyd Doss & Stella Keller
The Rollins Family Elaine Dulimba
Anna Hattaway Daisy Miller Lowry
A donation has been given by: In honor of:
Mike & Carol Long Justin Long
Buddy & Sis Cheshire Ann Rollins
Margaret F. Raynor Ann Rollins
Chris & Mary Perrin Vlahoplus Ann Rollins
Chuck & Pat Poe Charlie Mercer & Charlotte Rollins
Chuck & Pat Poe Toby Poe & Adrianne Edmonds
Chuck & Pat Poe Bryan Robbins & Michelle Rollins
Tom & Ann Rollins Eric & Tonya Mills
Tom & Ann Rollins Jim & Wynn Dorsett
Tom & Ann Rollins John & Suzy Martin
Tom & Ann Rollins Ray & Susan Ellis
Tom & Ann Rollins Charlie & Chris Wagner
Tom & Ann Rollins Buddy & Sis Cheshire
Tom & Ann Rollins Joann McAllister
Tom & Ann Rollins Ford & Ashley Robertson
Tom & Ann Rollins Gray & Betsy Reade Creech
Tom & Ann Rollins Chris & Mary-Perrin Vlahoplus
Tom & Ann Rollins Amy Hurry
Tom & Ann Rollins Horton Doughton & Lisl Kuutti
Tom & Ann Rollins Joe & Roberta Deluca
Tom & Ann Rollins Howard & Susan Self
Tom & Ann Rollins Pieter & Tracey Sikkel
Tom & Ann Rollins Jim Peterson & Judy Pidcock
Tom & Ann Rollins Jim & Catherine Scott
Tom & Ann Rollins Henry & Ellen Campen
Tom & Ann Rollins Will & Christie Barbee
Tom & Ann Rollins Sanders & Baan Slavens
Tom & Ann Rollins Mike & Eileen Hendren
Tom & Ann Rollins Bill & Susan Hodges
Tom & Ann Rollins David & Kelly Greenlee
Tom & Ann Rollins Brad & Carole Wilson
Tom & Ann Rollins Larry & Debbie Robbins
Tom & Ann Rollins Bob & Helen Majors
Tom & Ann Rollins Brad & Jan Vaughn
Tom & Ann Rollins Sister Mary Lawrence
Tom & Ann Rollins Bill & Judy Poe
Tom & Ann Rollins Trey Davis
The Rollins Family Charlie & Alene Mercer
The Rollins Family Larry & Debbie Robbins
The Rollins Family Jeff & Nancy McClure
The Rollins Family Chuck & Pat Poe
Ann Rollins Maggie Clay Love
Janice Hocutt Marie Hocutt
Judy and Bill Poe Leslie & Bob Alexander
Judy and Bill Poe Karen Johnson
Harriet Peck Rachel Pohlman

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