Easy Herbal Drinks to DIY from Your Garden

Lauren McCallum
Nutrition Assistant Director

Asia Johnson
Health Educator

Herbal tea is a flavorful, calming drink you can make from your herb garden. Tea can provide many health benefits that boost the immune system, support bone health, and soothe anxiety. Rethink your drink with three recipes: fruit-and-herb-infused water, herbal tonic, and relaxation tea. You can grow the ingredients right at home! The Poe Center’s expert health educators show how to maintain and grow lavender, mint, and chamomile. Learn to make tea bags and brew relaxing lavender, fresh mint, and floral chamomile together in a single cup.

Planting seasons may vary depending on your planting zone. Because the Poe Center is located in central North Carolina, we plant in Zone 8a. To find your planting zone, go to https://planthardiness.ars.usda.gov/.

Fruit and Herb Infused Water

This drink is a refreshing alternative to juice. It is full of nutrients such as immune-boosting antioxidants, vitamin K to support good bone health, and natural sugars to provide energy throughout the day.


1 cup sliced strawberries

1 cup sliced cucumbers

2 sliced limes

¼ cup fresh mint leaves


Combine strawberries, cucumbers, limes, and mint leaves into a pitcher. Fill the pitcher with ice and water. Let chill for 15 minutes in the refrigerator before serving.

Herbal Tonic

This tonic is ideal for starting your day energized and focused. Drink this herbal tonic for any stomach ache. The chamomile and ginger are natural antioxidants and can reduce inflammation in the body.


4 cups boiling water

6 Tablespoons dried chamomile

3 teaspoons grated fresh ginger

6 fresh mint leaves

4 slices lemon

Honey or maple syrup to taste


Stir boiling water, chamomile, ginger, lemon, and honey together in a large heatproof bowl or pitcher. Steep for 15 minutes. Strain and serve.

Relaxation Tea

Three herbs, chamomile, lavender, and mint, combine to create a perfect blend for relaxation. Chamomile and lavender aid in sleep quality and are known to reduce anxiety. The mint offers an immune boost and can relax digestive muscles if cramping is occurring.


1 teaspoon dried chamomile 

½ teaspoon dried lavender

1 1/2 teaspoons coarsely chopped fresh mint

1 cup boiling water


Combine chamomile, lavender, mint, and boiling water. Let steep for 15 minutes, then strain.

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